Social Bookmarking Service – Know more about it

Why do you need Social Bookmarking Service

Social Bookmarking ServiceThe equation is simple: dollars come from conversions, conversions come from traffic, traffic comes from SERPS and SERPs come from backlinks and for backlinks you need Bookmarking Service.

Whether you’re a blogger trying to get some Adsense income or a full-time IM trying to get your Ebook onto thousands of hard drives around the world, it all starts with the backlinks, and there’s no better way to get it by submitting your sites manually to top class bookmarking sites.

This kind of service allows you to post links that you wish to have available to you no matter what computer you’re surfing from.  More than that, however, these sites make your bookmarks available to anyone, and show you how many people thought a particular site was worth submitting to these sites. It’s like an instant popularity index, and if you can get even a little bit of that action, your traffic will soar.

Fortunately, a bookmarking service is easy to use to get traffic, because of a few factors.  First, they innately show up high on the SERPS, which means surfers looking for a solution to a specific problem will see them (targeted traffic.)  On the other hand, without constant maintenance, your particular links can fall off of the SERPS very quickly — you’ve got to KEEP bookmarking stuff to keep your list relevant to the search engines.

You can think of a Social Bookmarking Service as the beginning of a grassroots movement — you can get some eyes on your ideas, and if people like them, they’ll share with their friends (and any complete strangers that happen to surf their bookmarks).  But if you don’t keep up  on your social bookmarking, it’ll die on the vine, just like any other idea with so supporters.


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